[Ardour-Users] Prog made with Ardour

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Mon May 30 08:51:37 PDT 2011

Hello fellow Ardour users

Here's some music which has reached another milestone, so it's time for 
a release. I've posted Part 1 to this list before, some considerable 
time ago. Part 2 was completed in January as a brief diversion from Part 
3, which I've just completed. These three sections are complete, Parts 4 
and beyond are undeveloped ideas in my head at the moment.

The titles are just vague working titles at the moment.

Beyond Triple Point [9.29]
  (i) Theme From Our Old World
 (ii) Vale Fanfare: A Change of State
(iii) Recrystallisation

FLAC (56.5 MB): 

OGG (ogg7 | 14.0 MB): 

MP3 (320 kbps | 21.7 MB): 

All tracked in Ardour 2.8 and mixed with the usual LADSPA and LV2 
plugins (mostly EQ10Q, Invada and Calf). As always, a massive "thank 
you" to all the devs. It's just raw mixdowns with a little light 
limiting to raise the level, no post-processing besides that.

I managed to grind my quad-core, 4 GB RAM machine to a halt during 
mixing of the third section and even after lots of bounce-downs and 
track de-activation the CPU load was over 80% in places. The track (and 
buss) count is something ridiculous -- 103 tracks (before bouncing) and 
43 busses, if I counted correctly. Twenty tracks of massed Mellotron 
orchestra certainly don't help! Then there's my tendency to put two mics 
on a guitar amp and multi-track rhythm guitar parts. I've recently taken 
to colour coding tracks and I've found this to be very helpful when 
dealing with so many and showing/hiding mix groups and edit groups makes 
navigation a lot easier as well.



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