[Ardour-Users] iMac + Firewire card?

Matt Savigear mcs_ardour at savigear.com
Mon May 23 06:19:53 PDT 2011


We're thinking of adding a Mac to our studio (the Linux PC is getting 
flaky and there are some Mac software options we want access to) and the 
current budget indicates an iMac (the pro range are too expensive and I 
don't think they'll help much).

It looks like this means we'll need an external sound card. We have a 
couple of old Tascam units (a 122 and a 428) but we've always found the 
USB 1.1 gives us some latency or drop-out issues. This leads me to 
suspect I need firewire (or maybe Thunderbolt but I suspect these will 
be overkill buy several grand!).

I don't think I need more than two input tracks, four at the most. I 
want XLR or 1/4" options for each though. I have found a few reviews 
here and there, but nothing as specific as you guys might be able to 
offer. Budget in the region of $3-400.

Can anyone make any recommendations?

Many Thanks,


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