[Ardour-Users] How to sync Ardour2 with a sequencer for composing songs without breaking the work flow?

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Fri May 20 02:13:39 PDT 2011

Wow, for the first time I'm doing a real production using Ardour2 and
I'm deeply impressed about it. I won't use another application for HD
recording on Linux anymore. It allows the fast and safe work flow I was
missing, when using Linux.
Sync by Jack transport with Rui's Qtractor was all right for recording
MIDI tracks by Ardour2, but regarding to the work flow, there's no
chance to use this sync to work with both apps at the same time, to
compose a song.

Certainly I'll test Ardour3 http://ardour.org/node/4282 , anyway, I like
to help by testing Qtractor, other people maybe wish to use Ardour2 with
any other MIDI sequencer.
Sync should allow anything that is possible, when just using one
application. I didn't test MTC until now. Regarding to editing, the all
in one approach IMO is the best solution, even if sync should work for
loop play and record, but until now we might need to run two apps, a HD
recorder + MIDI sequencer.

I know that it was discussed several times before ;).

2 Cents,


PS: [OT] There's just one non-serious issue when using Ardour2 here.
When closing an Ardour Window by mouse and anything, e.g. a fader, was
below the close button, this could cause a change for "anything", e.g.
the fader setting. This might be a debouncing issue of the mouse I'm
using, at least there are sometimes debouncing issues by this mouse.

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