[Ardour-Users] automation bugs redux

Patrick Shirkey pshirkey at boosthardware.com
Tue Mar 22 17:54:48 PDT 2011

On 03/23/2011 08:08 AM, Kim Cascone wrote:
> I mixed a piece for a diffusion of electronic music I'm doing in Spain 
> this spring
> I had *major* problems with automation points flying off to beyond the 
> end marker
> and Ardour crashing - but miraculously it always saved my work when 
> exiting

Just to make sure, which version are you working with?   :-)

> working in Ardour today was painful and frustrating
> but way worse than I remember it being in the near past -
> I know these issues have been brought up before but I'm wondering if 
> other Ubuntu users out there are experiencing more bugs due to some 
> recent update...?
> here are some details:
> I imported both wav and aif files into Ardour without a problem
> all were 24bit/44kHz wavs - some were .aif but same resolution
> these files consisted of around a dozen files (approx 3 minutes in 
> length) contributed by various composers
> then I arranged them in a session around 20 minutes in length
> because I like to do glass mixes when mixing electro-acoustic diffusions
> I end up creating/placing automation points in the 'Fader' window and
> moving and deleting them as the session is playing back
> there are a few patterns which I noticed caused problems:
> #1
> - move a region on a track that has automation points
> - because the automation points (envelop) don't move with it
> - I move the entire group of points with ctrl-left click + drag
> - I go to add a new point then
> - all the points to the right of the new point fly off to the end of 
> the session, past the end marker
> #2
> - on certain regions (unable to determine what causes this (i.e. was 
> the region an imported .aif vs a .wav? was the region SR converted 
> when imported? etc.)
> - I can crash Ardour by placing a point at the very beginning of a 
> region @ -inf dB, adding another to the immediate right of it @ 0 dB 
> then moving the 0dB point leftwards up against the -inf dB point for 
> an instantaneous 'fade in' - this will make Ardour crash fairly 
> consistently
> #3
> - track containing audio
> - automation is in play mode
> - change an automation point -or- add an automation point during playback
> - move the playhead back to beginning of region to hear the new 
> envelope/fade
> - fader stays at -inf dB until I move a single or two automation 
> points at once
> - then the track will pick up the automation info and play the points 
> correctly
> #4
> - none of the files were 'drones' ;)

Patrick Shirkey
Boost Hardware Ltd.

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