[Ardour-Users] Laid to rest is Pro Tools LE"...

Kim Cascone kim at anechoicmedia.com
Sat Mar 5 09:40:15 PST 2011

>   whether it is a technician who flanges the tape using a
> screwdriver, some dude patching countless XLR cables or if it's a geek
> using a Terminal: same difference.
it is not the same difference

flanging has an immediate perceived value for the client in that the 
resulting sound is produced as the tech is resting thumb against reel 
flange - client is impressed

xruns or other tech problems arise causing the client to wait around 
while the engineer twiddles around under the hood chasing down the 
problem - perceived value? none or deferred -- client is frustrated and 
if the problem reoccurs often enough is off to another studio

been working in or around pro studios since 1976 -- sorry but been 
there, seen all that

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