[Ardour-Users] A 10-band EQ for Linux

david headon davidheadonuk at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Mar 4 13:26:45 PST 2011

Jamin is a really incredible tool-

Would be cool to have a more appealing looking GUI for it..

I have just installed the Linux DSP suite


For those who need capable tools they are certainly there. 
for community members who wish to use exclusively free software
The current Jamin is more than adequate.


David Headon would love you to drop in...


GreenHeadMan's facebook group




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whereas concerning 31-band equalizers, as far as I know the
>only one that exists in Linux is in Jamin (which is 30 band).   It seems
>to me a LV2 version would be a useful addition to Linux audio. 
amen! an LV2 of Jamin would be a godsend! :)

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