[Ardour-Users] graphical EQs [was: what linux audio project, do you miss?]

Jörn Nettingsmeier nettings at stackingdwarves.net
Thu Mar 3 15:55:59 PST 2011

On 03/03/2011 11:48 PM, Kim Cascone wrote:

>> sound design i could understand, depending on the creative process.
> wow! I have to have my creative process sanctioned by someone?

well, my point was that if it inspires you, you can use a nailgun to 
tack a photo to the wall. no point in discussing best practices in 

>> for surgical, minimum-impact operations such as mastering however, you
>> will find that a carefully tuned parametric EQ will yield far superiour,
>> better controlled results with less phase distortion than a graphical one.
> dude, I've been doing this for 30 years so spare me your sage creative
> advice? - thanks! :)

well, keep on doing it. but at some point, when you want to tack a photo 
to a silk folding screen, you may find that the nailgun comes with 
certain disadvantages. this is not creativity, but craftsmanship, which 
does have best practices. they should be honed, questioned, and 
revisited often, but they exist.

if you're into splatter, blood and gore, do a dual fft measurement of a 
31 band eq (use a klark if you can one, they're among the best), and 
take a look at the results when you work the sliders. even if we assume 
that phase is not really important (unless you later recombine with 
another correlated signal, which may easily happen in the studio), the 
results are quite shocking. if you take a systematic approach to 
corrective EQ use, it will almost certainly not get you where you want 
to be.

>> after some practising, it will also be a lot faster to work with (just
>> compare a quick frequency sweep to raising each GEQ band in turn to zero
>> in on a problem band).
>> also, once you've used the Q parameter, there's no going back:)
> you sound young - am I right? ;)

i sure hope so :) after all those years ;)

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