[Ardour-Users] more input sought on other MIDI sequencer behaviour

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Wed Jun 22 14:03:39 PDT 2011

On Wed, 2011-06-22 at 16:37 -0400, Paul Davis wrote:
> thanks to everyone for feedback on how other MIDI sequencers handled
> overlapping notes - ardour now has the "do nothing" option as the
> default.
> another similar question has arisen which i think can best be settled
> by comparison with existing sequencers. the question is: what happens
> when you split an existing region in the middle of a note. at present
> i can see 3 possibilities:
>    1) the earlier region sends a note off at its right (later)
> boundary, the later region never sends any note commands related to
> the split note
>    2) the earlier region sends a note off at its right (later)
> boundary, the later region sends a note on at its left (earlier)
> boundary
>    3) neither region sends any extra note on or note off commands
> there may be others. i'd really appreciate it if people could report
> back. the best way to get an answer will not be from listening, but
> from using some kind of MIDI monitor. the effect of a note off is not
> always clearly audible, especially if simultaneously (more or less)
> followed by a note on for the same pitch.
> --p

An usual issue for loop play too.

I really like that for Ardour2 HD recording, the audio recordings are
some frames behind.
IMO there's no good or bad way to handle this. Music shouldn't be cut if
possible and the behaviour of what sequencer ever shouldn't be copied.
There's no master rule for the most best behaviour, resp. a note should
be played by the first region, overlapping to the following region. If
the "following" region is played only, than the 'syncopation' shouldn't
be played, the note should be missing. (Ok, for loop play it would be
nice to hear the 'syncopated' note too). A sequencer should have the
same behaviour as a tape ;). This isn't really possible, since a tape
can cut a played note in the middle, but a MIDI event would need to
become two events, which is unnatural.

IMO there's no need to think about unnatural behaviour. For 'play' the
note should be played by the first region (clip, segment) and lap over
the next region (clip, segment), for loop play it would be nice to start
the 'syncopated' note, at beat 1 of the following region, assumed this
region is the first for loop play.

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