[Ardour-Users] can one add something to 'thread apply all bt' ?

Wayne wayne at in-giro.org
Sat Jul 16 14:46:09 PDT 2011

Il giorno sab, 16/07/2011 alle 20.35 +0200, fred ha scritto: 

> Hi list,
> when run '/opt/Ardour-3.0alpha9_9807-dbg/bin/ardour3 -d'
> and Ardour crash, is it something to do to have all the output in a file ?
> Means, copy/paste is  not possible here, cause when have more
> than X pages (return action) I don't have all the output
> Of course, I could have test to add something like '> bug.txt',
> but prefered to ask before !
> I see 2 ways :
> 1.add something to 'thread...'
> 2.have unlimited lines in gnome-terminal

    if you go to "Edit/Preferences" on the gnome-terminal menu, you can
change the scroll lines for the default profile.  make it something nice
and big like 15000 to catch the output.

peace, w

> Thanks for the reply Folks.
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