[Ardour-Users] Problem importing *.MID files

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Mon Jul 11 09:01:53 PDT 2011

On Mon, Jul 11, 2011 at 11:53 AM, David Kastrup <dak at gnu.org> wrote:

>    Bug Reporting, Discussions etc.
>    ---------------------------------------
>    The first rule of ardour 3 is don't talk about ardour 3 on the forums.
>    There's no code of silence here - its just that web forums are
>    incredibly inefficient ways for the development team to interact with
>    people. So please use these channels to communicate bugs, workflow
>    problems, design ideas and anything else to us:
>        * the bug tracker/feature request system (http://tracker.ardour.org/)
>        * either of the two ardour mailing lists (ardour-dev is probably
>    slightly better) (http://ardour.org/support#mlists)
>        * our IRC channel, for realtime chat (and chit-chat) (most active
>    during daytime US eastern time)  (http://ardour.org/support#chat)
> You might want to add "Don't bother reporting bugs.  We are not going to
> care.  Instead, you need to become a registered member of our
> browser-centric bug reporting squad and manage entering the problem into
> our bug database on your own."

Have you actually tried managing 3000+ active bug reports? Have you
done it without a bug tracker?

Certainly, people have raised issues here on ardour-users and they are
welcome to do so. However, we still generally are going to ignore bugs
even if they do get raised here unless they eventually migrate into
the bug tracker. Its one thing to raise an issue in the context of
"i'm not sure if this a bug or a design flaw or if i just don't get
how this is supposed to work" - such things make perfect sense on a
mailing list. But if it *is* a bug, it needs to go into the bug
tracker because otherwise the simple limits of my and carl's attention
guarantee that it will be lost to the winds of time, and/or the height
of my email LIFO stack.

And yes, if you don't want to report bugs on our "browser centric bug
reporting system", then please don't report bugs. Its not that we
think your bugs are not serious or important, but because it is
impossible for us to manage working on bugs that are not part of a
system like mantis. Its close to a 10% of full time job just triaging
the bugs that are in the bug tracker already - by suggesting that "we"
(which realistically means either carl or me at present) transfer
information from email into the tracker you're effectively suggesting
that we spend less time actually fixing bugs and adding features. If
there was someone around who did that sort of thing, then fine - but
there isn't.

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