[Ardour-Users] saving session in A3

fred f.rech at yahoo.fr
Tue Jul 5 06:17:41 PDT 2011

Le 05/07/2011 14:21, Wayne a écrit :
> Il giorno mar, 05/07/2011 alle 08.13 +0200, fred ha scritto:
>> Hi list,
>> when save a session in Ardour 3, close it and re open all tracks have
>> disappear.
>> Is it due to the alpha state (so no problem)), or did I miss some ?
>     depending on what version you are using, there was a problem with 
> a session file being created with an extra ".ardour" tacked on the 
> file name.  thus, that file (session.ardour.ardour) gets edited, not 
> the original (session.ardour).  but that was a bug from a few alphas ago.
> peace, w
OK ! I don't connect so quick, but rm the .ardour file and rename the 
.ardour.ardour in .ardour gives the tracks back,
so thanks again Wayne, no problem here with A3... at this time.

As a first comment, I can say that the connexions pannels are really 
usefull and visual efficient, the multicolored lines called "summary" is 
a good tool to zoom and move thru the song, and the MIDI rec from usb 
keyboard is a pure pleasure. Everything really intuitive, and no problem 
till now.

I like to ask if there is somewhere an "howto feed a bug", in the case 
one will be encountered ?

Ardour 3 will be the new standard for audio/MIDI production !!
Thanks to Paul and crew.
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