[Ardour-Users] saving session in A3

Wayne wayne at in-giro.org
Tue Jul 5 05:21:25 PDT 2011

Il giorno mar, 05/07/2011 alle 08.13 +0200, fred ha scritto: 

> Hi list,
> when save a session in Ardour 3, close it and re open all tracks have 
> disappear.
> Is it due to the alpha state (so no problem)), or did I miss some ?

    depending on what version you are using, there was a problem with a
session file being created with an extra ".ardour" tacked on the file
name.  thus, that file (session.ardour.ardour) gets edited, not the
original (session.ardour).  but that was a bug from a few alphas ago.

peace, w

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