[Ardour-Users] scons install builds a totally different set of object files?

Ken Restivo ken at restivo.org
Sat Jan 8 13:42:56 PST 2011

On Sat, Jan 08, 2011 at 01:08:37PM +0100, J?rn Nettingsmeier wrote:
> On 01/08/2011 11:37 AM, Ken Restivo wrote:
>> This is interesting. I typed scons to build Ardour 2.0-ongoing (from
>> svn). It took about an hour on my EEE, then finished. Then I typed
>> "scons install", and it has taken so far TWO HOURS to build even more
>> stuff, and shows no signs of finishing anytime soon.
>> Why? I thought the install target was just supposed to install stuff,
>> not rebuild it. I also thought the scons target would build the
>> binaries, then scons install would just copy them to the proper
>> location. I'm not clear why it built hours and hours of stuff on the
>> install target.
> yeah, i've seen that, too. i guess it's a bug. never bothered to report  
> it (oh the decadence of a quad core), but i can see how it's a nuisance  
> on an eeepc...

Yes (and by the way, this is why I run binary distributions, and I don't mess with stuff like Gentoo or Arch).

I finally had to go to sleep, and it was only about halfway done, compiling objects in the m's, and I had a look in the directory after I stopped it and did indeed see that all the object binaries all the way down to x's, were already built, with a timestamp some hours earlier.

So I think it indeed a bug in the build system. It is very sucky on a slow PC. Today I'll try updating my 2-core 2.33Ghz 64-bit machine... and this time I'll start out with sudo make install right from the start :-)


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