[Ardour-Users] some issues with Ardour3 (jack master time)

David Monniaux David.Monniaux at free.fr
Tue Jan 25 06:09:43 PST 2011


I've got a problem with Ardour2: due to a bug in the Jack master
interface when using Jackd2, one cannot seek if Jack time master is
activated. One workaround is to disable jack time master, seek, then
reenable it, but it's tedious.

I must use Jackd2 since Qsynth crashes on Jackd1 on my machine (Ubuntu

So I've decided to try Ardour3, compiled from svn. Everything works
ok... except that tempo changes don't seem to get transmitted through
Jack to e.g. hydrogen, something that worked well in Ardour2.

Is there somewhere I should click to enable tempo changes through Jack

Also, it's a bit annoying that Ardour3 enforces using Jack for Midi -
many applications use Alsa. Ok, there's the Jack<->Alsa bridge, but...


-- DM

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