[Ardour-Users] oops-anoying window

Jonathan Goodman jgoodman at 012.net.il
Thu Feb 3 12:46:08 PST 2011


I'm running adrourgtk2. on lucid 10.04. When I wanted to export a song I
had edited and was now composed of about 11 objects only the first
object exported. So I tried to bounce the whole song and received 11
bounces in the regions window-something I didn't want. I wanted to get
one single bounce and export that.
I then deleted the bounces from the regions window, closed the program
and went to the file browser and deleted the bounces. It seems that this
was a mistake because when I opened the file again I received an error
message saying cannot find bounces 1-11.
I also took as an experiment one of the bounces from the regions pane
and put it onto a track then deleted it. In this error window it also
said that there was a missing object which will be replaced with
silence-but I deleted it from the project.
1)How can I export an edited section as one piece without selecting it
as a region and letting ardour copy and export it in real time? 
2)How can I bounce 11 etc. regions into one file?
3)How can I delete unwanted files from the project directory without
receiving this window?
4) How can I get rid of this window?  
I am a nubie with ardour because I'm doing it on Linux for a Linux
person who is not able to access his computer at the moment.
I'm a long time Samplitude audio editor and these things operate
I thank you in advance for any help you can give.

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