[Ardour-Users] changes to note length computation in ardour3

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Mon Dec 12 13:40:10 PST 2011

On 12/12/11 14:41, Paul Davis wrote:

> an additional note: at present, Ardour also follows most (all?) other
> DAWs by defining 1 beat as a quarter note. However, our code is
> already set up to allow this to be varied, and in the future it will
> be possible to specify the reference note type for a tempo marker. For
> now, 120bpm continues to mean 120 quarter notes per minute, as in
> other DAWs. If there is any popular demand for it, i'll also add an
> option to create a combined tempo/meter marker pair whenever a new
> meter is inserted, just for all the prog rockers out there ;)<bill
> bruford joke here>
> --p

Hi Paul

Thanks for the update.

Would this change (assuming there's enough demand for it) mean that if 
you were working in 8 time, say 15/8 for example, you'd be able to 
choose that quavers were used for the bpm?

To my mind it sounds as though it could be awkward to be working in 15/8 
but the 120 bpm was 120 crotchets a minute -- a beat is a beat -- being 
able to select so that the bpm is the same denominator as your working 
meter sounds like a very sensible idea. I very seldom work in 4 time, so 
if I've understood this correctly please count me as a vote in favour 
(and yes, I'm into prog!)

On a related note, my pieces swap frequently between different time 
signatures, sometimes every bar, so there are lots of markers. In Ardour 
2 I've often encountered problems with the markers randomly flying 
around all over the place when I come to add a new one and having to go 
back to square one with mapping out all the changes: when Ardour 3 lands 
is its handling of meter changes going to be more robust that 2's?

Many thanks


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