[Ardour-Users] the route parameters window

fred f.rech at yahoo.fr
Tue Dec 6 10:36:45 PST 2011

>>>> i'd like to hear from people who use ardour's "route parameters"
>>> just to clarify, this is also called the "Track/Bus Inspector"
>> hmmm... i'd be pretty disappointed to see this disappear. when setting up complicated sessions, with a lot of inter-channel routing (busses, sends, inserts, etc.), i find it a LOT easier to keep track of what's going on, and also a LOT quicker to do all the routing, when it's all done in the Inspector. it makes all the connection points easily accessible in one compact layout, whereas doing it all in the mixer window requires mousing around to the top and bottom of channel strips, scrolling across channels, etc.
> ardour3's matrix patchbay does this too, in a way that is arguably
> much more "all in one place" than the track/bus inspector.
>      http://ardour.org/a3_features_matrix_routing
> i'm not planning on changing a2.

Do we have plugins connections in the matrix patchbay ?

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