[Ardour-Users] Ardour 3 alpha 10 is released

Jonathan Stowe jns at its-going-to-be-fabulous.com
Sun Aug 21 23:27:29 PDT 2011

Quick heads up, it appears that this doesn't want to start at all on
Gnome 3 based Fedora 15,  I guess that may be expected, but I'll get a
backtrace this evening.

On Wed, 2011-08-17 at 10:23 -0400, Paul Davis wrote:
> The final alpha of the Ardour 3 release plans is now available. The
> list of changes is long, but it is dominated by bug fixes (some rather
> significant) and cosmetics, with no new features except for the
> ability to rename sessions.
> Ready-to-run binary packages can be found here:
>     * Linux 64 bit Intel:
> http://ardour.org/files/Ardour_64bit-3.0alpha10_10000-dbg.tar
>     * Linux 32 bit Intel:
> http://ardour.org/files/Ardour_32bit-3.0alpha10_10000-dbg.tar
> Changes since alpha 9
> ------------------------------
>   * Session -> Rename now available to rename the current session.
>   * fix crash during muted playback
>   * fix playback of filtered-by-channel MIDI data
>   * fix playback when a "generator" plugin is used
>   * new track/bus list icons (from Thorsten Wilms)
>   * fix crashes after deleting a track
>   * fix crashes when using SLV2 support for LV2 GUIs
>   * correct display of channel numbers in automation tracks
>   * fix restore of Send states when loading a session
>   * heuristic grouping of plugin controls in generic plugin GUIs
> (Colin Fletcher)
>   * shift-tab and shift-ctrl-tab in MIDI note edit mode move to the
> next note but
>     leave existing note selection selected
>   * accept .MID (or .mid) as a MIDI file extension
>   * fix crash when displaying automation menu
>   * maintain track/bus ordering even when some are hidden
>   * fix crash with certain panning and I/O configuration combinations
>   * set up default, upper and lower limit values correctly on LV2 ports
>     (parameters) whose values are expressed as fractions of the sample rate
>   * setup latency GUI to display user-modified latency correctly
>   * remove OK/Apply buttons from latency GUI, which are unnecessary
> since it uses
>     an "instant apply" mechanism
>   * move "Active" button for track/bus group edit dialog out of the shared
>     feature section
>   * Fix erroneous placement of new MIDI automation points in regions with
>     non-zero start
>   * Make MIDI automation tracks behave the same as MIDI tracks when they are
>     clicked in an area with no region
>   * Fix non visibility of previously-visible MIDI automation tracks on session
>     reload.
>   * Fix crash when selecting automation points in MIDI regions with non-zero
>     starts
>   * Fix restoration of panner state from session file (not complete)
>   * Move panner bypass state up to the PannerShell so that it is preserved even
>     when new Panners are dropped in
>   * Save and restore Latent's _user_latency for IOs
>   * Save / restore processor _user_latency
>   * Fix crash when loading empty MIDI files
>   * Fix missing display of master bus mixer strip
>   * Tie note y to mouse pointer position when dragging MIDI notes
>   * Fix vertical pane resizing during fullscreen/unfullscreen
>   * Add context menu for control points.
>   * Fix bugs with channel counts for sends
>   * Fix incorrect behaviour of Stretch/Shrink
>   * Ensure a 1:1 copy to outputs in tracks with no panner
>   * Fix output in tracks with mixed audio and MIDI output (no known test case so
>     far)
>   * Set up advanced session options from the RCConfiguration so that the
>     RCConfiguration values don't get ignored on startup
>   * Fix data loss at the end of a MIDI recording take
>   * Fix "color bug" that occured as soon any route with >1 types of data was
>     created
>   * in exclusive solo mode, allow full-group solo
>   * Use Cairo to draw meters
>   * when tabbing between track/bus name entries, attempt to scroll appropriately
>   * fix up colons in track names before they are used for JACK port names; catch
>     most (not all) attempted renames and ask the user about colons
>   * allow import to selected MIDI tracks (note that this gets confused if the
>     MIDI file contains multiple MetaTracks - each track ends up in the same
>     track, which may or may not be the right thing)
>   * Primary-(scroll|up|down) on patch/bank change event changes bank number
>   * change format of verbose cursor when inside patch/bank change
>   * always display channel in patch change dialog
>   * Make sure we have a user config directory before trying to create a .a3 file
>     in it
>   * Get correct folder from the default session folder chooser
>   * Option to number MIDI banks from zero or one
>   * Use route group solo property for AFL/PFL as well as solo-in-place
>   * Polarity control value can now go negative, as required
>   * When renaming a track to the name of an existing one, use the same behaviour
>     in both the editor and mixer windows (add a number to the requested name
>   * Use correct default value for MIDI faders, and put the unity mark in the
>     correct position for those faders.
>   * Prevent crash on de-selecting all tracks from a stem export
>   * fix button label in new session dialog when backing up (from david halter)
>   * Prevent record enable (at transport level) from being engaged if not stopped
>     or moving forward at normal speed
>   * Don't allow varispeed while recording
>   * Make handling of sends-only feed-based solo propagation symmetrical upstream
>     and downstream
>   * If a binding map specifies controllables that don't exist in the session,
>     drop those bindings so that we don't crash from having bindings without
>     controllables
>   * don't use MIDI tracks when adding internal sends to auxes
>   * internal sends correctly configure their panner for the number of outputs on
>     the target rather than the output of the internal send processor within the
>     route. fixes a crash when adding internal sends
>   * do not assert/abort out of data errors that may originate with external
>     user-supplied MIDI data, and use PBD::error instead
>   * prevent illegal data being used to set MIDI note values, velocities and
>     channels
>   * when showing a note value during a drag, clamp first to the actual
>     range. note that the canvas object can still be dragged out of the region
>     (above/below)
>   * track changes to config parameters for MMC device id's correctly (from roy
>     vegard)
>   * Stop bundles disappearing from the port matrix when they have no channels
>   * fix the remove all channels menu option.
>   * Don't auto-connect bus inputs
>   * add new editor actions for solo, mute, solo-isolate toggle (of selected
>     tracks) for use by MIDI bindings
>   * make control protocol's SelectByRID signal work, thus enabling MIDI binding
>     maps to use function="select" with an argument
>   * Save position of MIDI scroomers
>   * updated French translation
>   * Group tab drag fix (from David Halter)
>   * Delete key can now be used to remove tempo/meter markers
>   * attempt to fix deep confusion in GUI code about converting between musical
>     and audio time
>   * Change packing of mixer window to prevent dragging the left hand
> side section
>     so that it overlaps with the bus section
>   * Fix issues with MIDI note editing preventing use of certain key bindings,
>     even after leaving note edit mode
>   * Fix issues with MIDI note selection management, including making shift-drag
>     add newly selected notes to the selection rather than replacing it
> Contributors
> ----------------
> Carl Hetherington again took the bug tracker as his muse with
> incredible results, fixing dozens of bugs in many different parts of
> Ardour. David Halter, Roy Vegard and Colin Fletcher all contributed a
> patch or two. Thorsten Wilms contributed new icons and Romain Arnaud
> updated the french translation once again. Paul Davis did what he
> always does.
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