[Ardour-Users] Smallest PC for liverecording ?

Arnold Krille arnold at arnoldarts.de
Wed Apr 13 14:00:30 PDT 2011

On Wednesday 13 April 2011 22:30:14 David Kastrup wrote:
> Svend-Erik K Madsen <sv-e at sv-e.dk> writes:
> > I'm looking for at spare recorder for mobile recording. I got an old
> > RME MultifaceI and a PCMCIA card, but what do I need in cpu and RAM to
> > be able to record 6-10 tracks at a time.
> > I was thinking about an older cheap Lenovo model, anyone ?
> Sure.  Crank up the latency, have a reasonably fast hard disk, and there
> is not much that can go wrong.

And/or invest the 50-60€ for a "small" ssd for os and the direct recording and 
use the original hdd in an usb-enclosure to archive the days recordings till 
you get home.

But reports say that even an old 500MHz Pentium is strong enough to record 8 
or more tracks to hdd. But without plugins...

Have fun,

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