[Ardour-Users] what to do when ardour seemingly hangs during session loading...

Jörn Nettingsmeier nettings at stackingdwarves.net
Mon Oct 18 08:56:29 PDT 2010

hi *!

i thought i'd share this little bit of experience here:

recently i did a huge live recording with ardour2 (ten hours recording 
time, 56 channels), and when i wanted to start with post i realized i 
had forgotten to set the file format to w64 rather than wav, so all 
files couldn't seek beyond a certain point.

btw: if this ever happens to you: kill ardour stone dead. do not save. i 
have an inkling that it wrote the files back to disk, truncating them at 
the 4g limit. luckily, i had a backup. it's kinda hard to reproduce this 
bug (would imply writing another 400g to diskspace that i don't have 
atm), so i didn't file a ticket, but if anyone can confirm this 
behaviour, maybe we should.

after i transformed the files to valid .w64 with eric de castro-lopo's 
tool sndfile-salvage (part of the latest libsndfile package), i got 
ready to re-create a session from scratch and import the new files.
for some reason, ardour crashed before it had created all peak files.

when i restarted it, the windows opened but were solid gray, ardour did 
not refresh or react to any user input. instead, constant disk access 
and some 10% cpu usage. if this happens to you: despair not, grab a 
coffee. ardour is recreating peak files, not stalling.

if you're the progress bar kind of person, cd to the peakfiles folder 
and do 'watch ls -alh"' to convince yourself ardour is still alive :)



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