[Ardour-Users] multiple ardour instances and event pool out of memory error

plutek plutek at infinity.net
Tue Nov 16 17:30:35 PST 2010


two things:

1. i'm often using one instance of ardour as a mix session (sometimes with slight changes saved as snapshots for different songs) for another instance of ardour which contains the audio data. this allows me to easily apply a consistent mix to many different sessions which all have the same layout of source tracks - and if i wish to change some aspects of the mix, that gets applied to all the source sessions without having to migrate those changes to all the source sessions. i don't think there's currently any more efficient way of doing this, but if anyone has a good solution which doesn't require running two instances of ardour, please let me know!

2. when i operate as above, the first session (the "source") often throws a "CRITICAL: event POOL OUT OF MEMORY - RECOMPILE WITH LARGER SIZE!!" error as soon as i start the second session (the "mix"). it's not predictable, and will happen or not happen at random with successive attempts two start the two sessions, even without changing the session files. i've tried all the stuff about disabling MMC, which has been referred to previously with respect to this issue, but it doesn't seem to provide a consistent solution. i'm using current SVN (build 8048). any clues??

thanks much... cheers!


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