[Ardour-Users] CD mixed in Ardour on Linux

Noel Darlow mail at mcgruff.plus.com
Wed May 5 07:37:02 PDT 2010


> 12-song CD edited and mixed in Ardour on Linux:
> http://music.betterthanlahar.com/album/bench-seats-are-for-lovers

Listened to the first track - I like it. 

The production isn't quite right though. I mean this to be helpful: the
music is good and very much worth working on.

What's it like if you pump up the organ more around 1:10? This is a
nice guitar riff but I want the music to really open out and blow my
hat off here. Yeah? 

The guitar sound might be a bit too compressed. The warm,
hint-of-overdrive sound is nearly there. I just want it to be a bit
more luscious. Your guitarist can certainly play :)

Not sure about the doubled snare early on. It feels blurred when I
think it needs to be sharp. The snare is probably the most important
sound on a track like this. I'd like to hear something with more "snap"
and "crack" - but maybe I'm wrong about that. Maybe up the volume on the
fourth beat to emphasise that.

Everything I say may be completely wrong...


PS: Have you heard any Soil and Pimp? I think you might like them. Maybe
also check out Plantlife.

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