[Ardour-Users] [Music] A couple of prog rock pieces

Mark Knecht markknecht at gmail.com
Thu Jun 3 10:28:55 PDT 2010

On Tue, Mar 16, 2010 at 4:58 PM, Q <lists at quirq.ukfsn.org> wrote:
> Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends...
> This is my first post to the list, I believe, so not really a case of
> "welcome back", but I couldn't resist. Anyway, hello to everyone and a big
> hello thank you to any Ardour devs who might be watching!
> I've just completed a small segment of a piece and I thought I'd share that,
> plus a larger segment of another piece, which I completed in October last
> year.
> The new track is instrumental symphonic prog and just the first section of a
> longer piece -- this bit is finished and I know very vaguely where it's
> going next but haven't got around to writing and recording it yet (I work
> very slowly). It's an old idea from about 12 years ago, which I've finally
> got around to developing and doing something with.
> I've been giving Ardour and my PC some abuse with it -- when I totted up
> late last night I counted 50 active tracks and 28 busses. Even my mixing
> goes in for prog rock excess! :-P
> A couple of months ago I finally got around to building Ardour myself -- I
> think the first time I've compiled anything -- and I have to say it wasn't
> as scary as I thought it might be! Consequently, these days I use a mixture
> of LADSPA and LV2 plugins for mixing: the EQ10Q and Invada and Calf
> compressors have been invaluable for this project.
> Anyway, I give you the short, and hopefully sweet, Beyond Triple Point (part
> 1):
> FLAC (14.6 MB):
> www.quirq.ukfsn.org/Quirq_Beyond-Triple-Point_Part1_16-03-10.flac
> OGG-10 (7.4 MB):
> www.quirq.ukfsn.org/Quirq_Beyond-Triple-Point_Part1_16-03-10.ogg
> MP3 (6.2 MB):
> www.quirq.ukfsn.org/Quirq_Beyond-Triple-Point_Part1_16-03-10.mp3
> The second piece is one I finished in October last year and posted on the
> Linux Audio User list -- I hadn't subscribed to this list back then.
> It's four completed sections of what will, hopefully, be a much longer
> piece. Again, what's presented is finished, give or take a few tweaks here
> and there when I finally get around to revisiting it, and I have some vague
> ideas of where it's going next.
> Again, it's instrumental symphonic progressive rock, but inspired in style
> to a fair degree by some of my favourite bands, certain moody Scandinavian
> groups of the past couple of decades.
> It was tracked in three separate Ardour sessions, bounced down and
> composited in a fourth. At the time I was only using LADSPA plugins for
> mixing.
> It's called Lovatnet (parts 1-4). Caution: it starts off very quietly but
> gets a fair bit louder in places:
> FLAC (22.7 MB):
> www.quirq.ukfsn.org/Quirq_Lovatnet_pts_1-4_mixdown_26-10-09.flac
> OGG-7 (6.6 MB):
> www.quirq.ukfsn.org/Quirq_Lovatnet_pts_1-4_mixdown_26-10-09_ogg7.ogg
> MP3 (7.2 MB)
> www.quirq.ukfsn.org/Quirq_Lovatnet_pts_1-4_mixdown_26-10-09.mp3
> Both tracks are just mixed down, no post-processing/mastering, so not
> incredibly polished. But I hope you might possibly enjoy them nevertheless.
> Q

Hi Q,
   It's sort of wonderful when I'm going through old emails and find
one with music I meant to listen to, never did, and I suspect missed
others attention as I see no responses. (At least in my email archives
- maybe I missed them somehow.) None the less I finally listened this
morning and quite enjoyed them. They've both got a fairly cool, late
'60's, early '70's vibe to them. Little bits of influences coming
through. Very listenable and fun.

   Well worth a listen for other Ardour users out there who might have
missed them as I did.

   And very sorry for such a tardy reply!


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