[Ardour-Users] apogee duet with ardour

Thomas Vecchione seablaede at gmail.com
Fri Jul 9 05:26:49 PDT 2010

Use JackPilot to start Jack as detailed here...


However what is not shown there is a relatively new checkbox for HOG mode.
Make sure your Apogee mixer is set up how you want it before starting Jack,
and make sure Jack is set to use HOG mode and start it.  I use my Duet often
like this.

For reference a little snippet on the downsides and workarounds of needing
to use HOG mode with the Duet I typed up some time ago for another user...

Ok explanations...  Apogee's Maestro Software tries to keep control of
the hardware.  Jack however likes to be the sole thing in control of
your hardware...

So when Maestro steals control from Jack, Jack can act a little
strange, especially if Maestro does something like changes the sample
rate of the hardware(Usually only common if another coreaudio program
tries to access it).

As a result HOG mode was enabled in Jack.  This by the way is the same
thing that Logic uses when dealing with the Apogee devices I heard.
HOG mode means that nothing else is allowed access to the hardware
except Jack.  Logic uses this similarly, but since you can control the
hardware from Logic without Maestro, there is no issue.

Jack however doesn't have any control of the DSP Mixer(What Maestro
provides access to) in Apogee Hardware, it uses whatever is already
there.  So your mixes you need to start before enabling Jack in HOG mode.

The exception to this is that if you have the ability on the Apogee
hardware itself to change the mix(For instance change preamp gain)
this still works fine from my experience, and has been what I have
been doing with my Duet which allows me to get my voice overs and
other recordings done on it.


On Thu, Jul 8, 2010 at 10:29 PM, Zoran Spasojevic <nature at timeprints.com>wrote:

>  I just got an apogee duet.
> I was hoping to use ardour on macbook pro to record with the duet.
> It does not seem to work.
> Is there a way to connect ardour and apogee duet to record music?
> Thanks in advance,
> Zoran
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