[Ardour-Users] About JACK2, was Re: trouble connecting Saffire pro 24

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Wed Feb 10 08:09:11 PST 2010

Paul Davis wrote:
> JACK1 does NOT disconnect clients because of "some unknown
> incompatibility". It disconnects them because they are too slow to
> keep up with realtime processing constratings. JACK2's default mode of
> operation doesn't require that all clients keep up (although the
> audible effects of them not keeping up are bad), and thus it will not
> disconnect clients in the same way.

I noticed that JACK2 didn't give a message while the left and right 
channel are audible out of phase, but when I set up JACK2 frames period 
with enough "headroom", there isn't any audible bad effect. The reason 
why clients are to slow when using a lot of machines as far as I know is 
unknown. Using JACK2 with "overdone" latency won't disconnect clients 
and doesn't cause audible effects.

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