[Ardour-Users] Midi

Brett Clark brett.clark at zirous.com
Mon Feb 8 05:57:05 PST 2010

I use Rosegarden for my MIDI  software as its jack capable so you can
redirect inputs/outputs and sync it with the jack transport to keep it
in time with Ardour.  To make noise, Rosegarden has SoundFont
capabilities and/or you could also pipe the MIDI to zynaddsubfx (synth)
or qsynth (fluidsynth soundfonts frontend).  All of these are jack
capable, so you could pipe them to an Ardour track for recording.


Oh, and they're all open source too.


Hope this helps.





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I realise that Ardour is likely to include MIDI support in the next
version, and so this (technically) isn't an Adrdour related question

Do any of you use a MIDI keyboard with OPEN SOURCE software? 
I just bought a nice KB37 keyboard, but really use it. I need something
that will let me play it and make sounds that I can record. One of my
problems is terminology, i know, I dont know what this is called & it
makes it hard to google it (not through lack of trying though, i hasten
to add).

Thanks for your time,


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