[Ardour-Users] Ardour and Jack question

Jörn Nettingsmeier nettings at stackingdwarves.net
Thu Feb 4 10:19:48 PST 2010

(taking this back to the list)

On 02/04/2010 07:08 PM, Al Thompson wrote:
> Jörn Nettingsmeier wrote:
>> http://subversion.ffado.org/wiki/AvoidingParallelInstallations
> That made a huge difference!  Thanks.
> I got 0.118 compiled on both machines, and tested that it works as it
> used to.  It seems to do fine.  However, I'm trying to follow the
> directions on http://trac.jackaudio.org/wiki/WalkThrough/User/NetJack to
> get things running in the right sequence.  I start jack normally on my
> desktop (master), then run jackd -R -d net on my laptop (slave).  It
> says it is creating it, but never gives a completion notice.  It just
> sits there.

that's ok, since there is no master connected to it just yet. so it 
hangs in the driver creation phase.

>  Also, on my desktop, when I run the 'jack_netsource -H
> laptop' command, it says it cannot connect to an oss device, and exits.

that is weird. jack_netsource is just another jack client that shouldn't 
talk to the hardware directly, but to your master jackd. maybe it 
doesn't see the real master jackd and tries to spawn a new one, which 
would explain the error message.

> (I'm using alsa on both machines).  I haven't found an option for
> 'jack_netsource' that lets me specify an alsa backend.

as i said, jack_netsource does not use a hardware backend, it talks to 
jackd only. the fact that you're seeing this error seems to indicate 
that there's something wrong with your jackd. can you connect other 
clients? do you see your hardware ports when running jack_lsp?

> A possibly
> related issue is that, when I compiled it, it said it was not including
> alsa support (although I tested jackd using alsa - using the same
> startup configuration I was using with 0.109).

that's it. you need to make sure you compile the alsa backend in.
if you're using alsa packages from your distribution, make sure you have 
the relevant -devel ones installed as well.
then go back to the jack sources, "make distclean", "./configure 
--prefix=/usr [--enable-optimize]", rebuild, reinstall.



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