[Ardour-Users] Hm...

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Tue Aug 31 12:46:21 PDT 2010

On Tue, 2010-08-31 at 15:18 -0400, Joe Hartley wrote:
> > The problem is to get the Volkswagen studio to one screen or two screens
> > around 1024x786. Than two learn how to use this design without tactile
> > 'feedback' (don't know how to say on English).
> The answer here (for me, at least), is virtual workspaces.  I use Fluxbox
> as my window manager, but I know that both KDE and Gnome offer them as well.
> I have 2 1600x900 monitors on the system.  When I'm recording or mixing, I'll
> have Ardour on my primary workspace, with the editor on the left monitor and
> the mixer on the right.

A half-misunderstanding :D.

DAWs need drop down menus, right click menus, short cuts etc., it's not
enough to have enough workspaces.

I guess the most hard issue is that there are menus and that there is
abstraction of real world work.

E.g. an editor like Audacity can become more comfortable, than the knife
to cut a tape, but the tape and the knife is for intuitive usage, always
the same for any tape recorder, you don't need to learn very much,
whereas there are different ways how to handle waveform editors, even if
they could have some advantages, compared to the knife. Those advantages
often are not needed, it's just wanted to be able to do audio work, like
it was done in the past, without learning a lot of unneeded options.

I guess this is what the original author is asking for, but I could be

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