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fred f.rech at yahoo.fr
Mon Aug 30 22:12:21 PDT 2010

>> While Ardour will certainly do what you want, it's much like starting up
>> a Formula I racer to go grab a burger at Burger King.  It will get the
>> job done, but it's probably easier and more economical to jump in the
>> Ford Focus instead.
> i appreciate the sentiment but i suspect that an analogy with an
> aircraft carrier (as ardour) might be more appropriate :)
> as long as there is a burger king by the shore, it will get the job the done!
Hm... run Ardour to have an hamburger is a silly mental thing, and to be 
honest IMO have an hamburger is a silly mental thing ! (But it appears 
that some people like to eat some pre-digested food, and learn their 
children to play like hamsters in the fast food playing area)

Anyway, if the original poster of the Hm... mail to list likes to have a 
nice lesson of what Ardour can do and how to, he can go there and have 
more than 1 hour of video tutorials : http://www.vimeo.com/2867399

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