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Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Mon Aug 30 08:53:35 PDT 2010

On Mon, Aug 30, 2010 at 11:03 AM, David Kastrup <dak at gnu.org> wrote:

>>> I had to restart jack+ardour even in order to manipulate a 44.1kHz file
>>> when jack happened to run at 48kHz sampling frequency.
>> What do you propose should happen otherwise?
> When there is nothing else establishing the project sampling frequency
> yet?  How about:

JACK clients do not control the sample rate. This is modelled on the way that
most studios are setup in, in which randomly changing one piece of h/w
to use a different sample rate doesn't change the entire setup. There is
one place to change the sample rate, and yes, unfortunately perhaps, it
has to be done for JACK before starting any clients.

>    Warning: this file has a different sampling frequency to the
>    Ardour project frequency.  Should I
>    [ ] Ignore the file sampling frequency, importing it at different
>        speed/pitch
>    [ ] Resample the file to project sampling frequency
>    [ ] Get the project frequency again after you restart jackd
>    [ ] Change the ardour project frequency to the file sampling
>        frequency anyway

When you import a file into Ardour with an S/R that doesn't match the
session S/R, you are asked what do with it. I'm am not sure why you
didn't see this dialog.
Ardour does not do project-wide resampling because of quality issues.
Therefore the final 2 options on that list are not available. The
first two are presented.

>> Automatic resampling because you chose not to pay attention to the
>> most fundamental aspect of digital audio that exists? Ardour isn't a
>> single-file editor - why would it pay any attention to the SR of a
>> particular file that you import, and switch its audioengine rate
>> because of it?
> Because it is userfriendly, and users make mistakes?

Digital audio is not a game. If you don't understand the fundamental
role that sample rate plays, then its not for Ardour to teach you. If
it was a single-file editor, it would be entirely appropriate to do
what you describe. But its not.

>>> This does not make much user interface design sense.  If I want to
>>> manipulate the operation at a certain graphic element, I don't want
>>> to have to move the mouse elsewhere in order to switch into some mode
>>> where this is even possible.
>> there is never any need to do this. first of all, all mouse modes are
>> accessible via keyboard bindings and secondly, no mouse mode changes
>> are required to do what you describe.
> That's great to hear.  It would be even better to see it.

http://ardour.org/support ->


in Ardour3 (unreleased) the shortcuts are on the

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