[Ardour-Users] Issues with Edirol/Rolan/Cakewalk UA-25 EX recording at 96k

Carlos sanchiavedraz csanchezgs at gmail.com
Fri Aug 27 00:23:57 PDT 2010

Hi all dear mates.

Some weeks ago I bought a UA-25 EX audio interface. Really good piece of
hardware and great quality.

I started a report to check how well it works under Linux (Musix) with jack,
Ardour etc... to make a tour around its capabilities and a howto for the
Musix wiki.
Everything was fine except I couldn't record at 96k. I checked the correct
position of the switch on the back, 96R. You can play at 96k (switch on 96P
position) .
I know (most probably) it's a jack issue because I checked I could record
with arecord.

I used this versions:
 * jackd 0.116.2
 * Ardour 2.8.4, rev.6077

So now, before wasting your precious time, I want to dig in this to help all
that I can in the project. Before this mail, I searched Ardour bugtracker
and list, and also did some investigation on the net, but nothing about this

* Did I miss some fixed bug? Then I should do a better search next time, and
this time go for that bug.

* If it ain't so, Is there already any existing bug? If there isn't any I'lI
proceed to create a new one in bugtracker with all the appropriate extended
and additional info, as it should be done.

I just wanted to make sure before, and don't mess the bugtracker.

Thanks in advance.
Carlos "sanchiavedraz"
* Musix GNU+Linux
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