[Ardour-Users] The future?

Noel Darlow mail at mcgruff.plus.com
Wed Aug 11 06:29:55 PDT 2010


> Ardour/Jack users from the Gentoo or SuSe community, are there any
> advantages to running a system on these platforms?

Gentoo is great for building a system exactly the way you want it. This
could help to squeeze the last drop of performance out of your machine.

After using portage & use flags for years, other distros seem crude by
comparison but perhaps that's just the bias of familiarity. Of course
the downside is that updates are much slower. Personally that never
really bothered me.

It's probably easier to keep a Gentoo system reasonably up to date.
Little steps are easier than massive updates. I find things do go wrong
about once or twice a year although I suspect that's as likely to be
my fault than Gentoo. A good tip is to maintain a mirror partition of
OS & apps then if something gets messed up you can quickly boot from
that with no drama.


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