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Peiman Khosravi peimankhosravi at gmail.com
Wed Aug 11 04:25:58 PDT 2010

As an OS X user who has also messed around with linux here and there I  
have to say that as much as I'd love to give up buying over-priced  
apple products, it just seems a too scary a jump for me to invest in a  
PC to run linux at this point.

The funny thing is that I'm actually using only ardour for mixing and  
Audacity for editing. I did buy a load of commercial software a few  
years ago (e.g. PT, dp, Peake)  and only recently chucked them all  
away to free some HD space, as I realised that I never ever use them!  
The only commercial software that I cannot have enough of is MaxMsp,  
this alone is enough to persuade me to stick with os x.

Recently I installed Ubuntu on an old PC and built Ardour 2. I have to  
say that it was a very smooth process and everything built without  
error. Ardour seems faster there as well (despite the rubbish  
computer). I am more or less ready to move to ubuntu (and replace  
MaxMsp with PD) but the problems are:

a- the lack of easy-to-install drivers for external sound-cards

b- the lack of guarantee that the OS will actually work with my  
hardware (e.g. the Ubuntu system that I have crashes every hour or so  
and I have to restart the computer, this is hardware related I'm sure).

[most importantly] c- the lack of surround mixing plug-ins and  
support. I find that for my purposes AMB is not really suitable since  
it is not exactly intuitive or easy to set up.

I find that not having a surround-capable system is a big big drawback  
for the non-hobbyist. I know that surround is limited and has many  
many problems, but so does MIDI (which I never use): this has not  
stopped Ardour developers from implementing MIDI in Ardour 3 ;-)

Now once ardour includes a usable built-in surround panner (or when  
linux starts supporting the format) I will seriously consider moving  
to linux for good. Currently I'm doing multichannel mixing with Ardour  
on OSX with an external plug-in, which works perfectly well. The  
mentioned plug-in is free and open source but AU only :-(

However, if I have a choice between staying on OSX and not using  
Ardour, and moving to linux + Ardour, I shall choose the latter! Thank  
god I don't have to produce 5.1 projects for a living though or logic  
it would have to be (ouch!).

Sorry for the rant as always...



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> Simon makes a number of good points in this post.
> Ubuntu Studio,
> 64 Studio,
> and APODIO
> are all now being based around Ubuntu [ unstable - testing ]
> repositories.
> I'm using straight Ubuntu with various repos enabled, to allow 'non- 
> free' codecs
> and other attributes necessary for media production.
> I find package management under Ubuntu convenient, but not perfect.
> As a long time fan of 'straight' Debian, i have enjoyed the relatively
> un-contrived aspect of logging in as 'root' for administration.
> It is a bit bothersome to me that i must utilise 'sudo-' for admin  
> under Ubuntu,
> but in recent years, the proliferation of admin scripts on the net  
> has made
> tedious tasks quite painless.
> I guess, we gain and lose in equal measure.
> If i were running web/php/sql servers, it would be straight 'stable'  
> Debian all
> the way,
> whereas, my desktop needs and multimedia work (ie, most of what i  
> need to do )
> have benefited from the Ubuntu community  and it's relative merits.
> Ardour/Jack users from the Gentoo or SuSe community, are there any  
> advantages to
> running a system on these platforms?
> Mandriva? i am considering 'all comers' for my next multimedia box
> (building as we speak),
> BUT,   I'd love to keep the initial setup time to a minimum...
> I keep coming back to Ubuntu-
> I'm very keen to hear other ideas and ways of working!
> thanks to Paul and all the members of this list for years of  
> fascinating growth
> and learning.
> I dearly want to fine the optimum system for running Ardour so that  
> i can, with
> total confidence, begin to utilise Jack/Ardour commercially  as a  
> production
> tool for my clients.
> The 'next step' might allow me to contribute financially to the  
> Ardour project,
> and be a 'non-hobbyist' user!
> thanks-
> dav=-0

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