[Ardour-Users] What is to be watermarked?

Christian christian at shamanbenefit.net
Tue Aug 10 09:56:08 PDT 2010

Paul Davis schrieb:
> I don't mean anything in particular. However, I can imagine that there
> might be versions of Ardour in the future (pre-built versions) that
> would contain some unique ID.

Thanks for the info. But wouldn't it be easier just to ask the users for 
some information? A nice point-and-click questionnaire? At least the 
Linux users will be happy to give you details on their setup, it's 
usually 'the more, the merrier' ;-)

Of course, you could not get information about every single startup that 
way, but is this really a crucial point? Seems a bit of overkill to me...

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