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On Tue, 2010-08-10 at 15:18 +0200, christian at shamanbenefit.net wrote:
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> Eurgh....I guess it whas only ever a matter of time for Ubuntu to become Windows....

Hm, OT, anyway. 1. I don't like Mark Shuttleworth. 2. There's a lot of
Debian stuff changed to an annoying style for Ubuntu, OTOH it's not
really bad that they do provide some GUIs, there are also some very good
Windows like GUIs for Suse, another Distro often dissed as the Windows
of Linux. 3. This "phoning home" isn't just done by Windows, but done by
a lot of free software too.
Ubuntu isn't that bad and WGA, Google Analytics etc. are complete
different to what Ardour wishes to include or Ubuntu still has included,
btw. for Non-OEM installs you can enable something by Synaptic, by
checking some boxes, without installing a package.

I guess most people fear about the watermark. Linux does not mean
non-commercial at all events and to the benefit of people who buy for
OEM products ... but I won't speculate.

Anyway, Ubuntu has got it's weak points, but regarding to the topic it's
not like Windows, even if Mark Shuttleworth might be that kind of man
that Bill Gates might be too, dunno.

Things that can be used in an evil way, aren't not evil at all events.

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