[Ardour-Users] Aligning Ardour's time line with a recorded track

Peter Desjardins peter.desjardins.us at gmail.com
Fri Aug 6 13:57:03 PDT 2010

Hi. I'm just starting out with Ardour and I have a beginner's
question. I hope you won't mind reading it here.

Is there a function for aligning the timeline with a recorded track? A
friend of mine sent me a single track of drumming and I'd like to add
to it in Ardour. I'd like to be able to match the beats in the Ardour
time line to the beats in the track.

The only way I can imagine doing this is by manually adjusting the
time signature and speed until it looks and sounds correct. However,
this must be such a common task that I'm guessing there's a function
that will do it more quickly and reliably than I can.

Is there a beat matching function? Or is doing it manually just part of the fun?

Thanks for your help. Please point me to documentation that covers
this if there is any, I couldn't find it myself.


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