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On Friday 06 August 2010 10:05:18 christian at shamanbenefit.net wrote:
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> Date: 05.08.2010 22:39:13
> Subject: [Ardour-Users] ardour & "phoning home"
> > * the phone home will pass the following pieces of information to 
> >                * the ardour version
> >                * the output of uname -srm
> Is the second one really necessary?
> It will allow personal identification of everyone using a custom kernel
> with an individual revision name (which is quite common).

Which will probably be a very small number of users compared to users just 
using the distributions (rt-)kernel. And these will be the ones who know how 
to create files in hidden directories...

I do on the other hand think that ardour shouldn't do the home-phoning without 
asking the user at least once.

Oh, and a note on the statistics: If ardour transmits the ardour- and kernel-
version each time one of them changes, the number of "users" will be highly 
inflated when you are not using a unique identifier (which could be created on 
the users side) to keep track of installations.
And even then reading the numbers from the statistics-db will be difficult and 

Have fun,

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