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hi paul,

am Donnerstag 05 August 2010 (22:39) schrieb Paul Davis:
> If anyone has any serious objections to the scheme I'm describing that
> are not addressed in the last section, please speak up.

i think you should be careful not to unintentionally violate german data 
protection laws. there were court decisions against ministries of the 
government that used google analytics in their web pages. the "duesseldorfer 
kreis" (a pool of data protection authorities) enacted a directive concerning 
the use of web statistic tools last year, to ensure everyone's privacy. the 
important part is the IP address, because it is possible to be traced back to 
a person, therefore its storage or use requires the person's explicit 
approval. this would apply here, too, because the mechanism is fairly the 

to behave in accordance with the directive, you must a) make it explicitly 
clear to the user, which data would be stored and for what reason it will be 
used, and b) ask for the permission to proceed. it's not enough to offer an 
opt-out (that would only suffice if you can assure the IP address won't even 
be stored, but anonymised immediately). in any case, you have to offer an easy 
way to prevent the calling home.

viele grüße :: m.eik

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