[Ardour-Users] Sound from right to left

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Sun Apr 18 04:26:14 PDT 2010

teza wrote:
> Hi all, still try to make effect in Adour. I would like to start sound
> from the right speaker and pann it to the left speaker. I try to use the
> Adour manual but doesn't work. Could you help
> Thanks
> Regards
> Teza

I'm not an Ardour user myself, just lurking the list, because I wish to 
be informed about Ardour3.
IIUC you wish to pan the audio signal of an effect. Panning the signal 
is ok? But panning the effect won't work?

I can't speak for Ardour's mixer, but I guess it will be comparable to a 
"hardware" mixer and referring to a Wiki on German, 
Ardour does know insert and send (aux) effects.

Add the effect as an "insert effect" just for the needed channel or 
group, don't add this effect as a "send effect".


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