[Ardour-Users] Rationalization of track and range selections

Noel Darlow mail at mcgruff.plus.com
Fri Apr 16 16:28:56 PDT 2010


> I have decided to
> rationalize the track/range selection in a way that makes more sense
> to me, and I hope others who are using Ardour.

On the subject of selecting, what should be the default behaviour for
"select all" when tracks have multiple playlists? The other day I wanted
to add an intro to an existing piece. First I had to make some space.
"Select all" picks up all regions in currently visible playlists but I
also wanted to move stuff in the hidden playlists. I had to check
through track by track, repeating the operation for each playlist. In
this case at least, it would be nice if "select all" included hidden

A similar use case would be adding a new section in the middle of the


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