[Ardour-Users] regarding reverse issues...

Axel Müller axel-mueller-74 at web.de
Sat Sep 5 05:15:42 PDT 2009

Regarding those reverse issues that popped up lately...

Wouldn't it be possible to simply set a reverse flag to a region and play 
the audio backwards from disk in realtime instead of creating a new audio 
file? Wouldn't this possibly solve or simplify some of those issues 
(except maybe things like waveform creation or bounce operations)?

At least this would also give more flexibility with editing. Currently if 
one shrinks or cuts a region and then reverses it, it's not possible to 
expand it again. This should be possible if reversing is done in realtime 
from the original file.

I guess this would introduce a change in the session file format. But 
maybe this could be thought about for 3.0.

the C.L.A.

PS: I'll be gone for a week tomorrow, so don't wait for further response 
during that time. ;)

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