[Ardour-Users] best installation of ardour

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Thu Oct 1 06:58:29 PDT 2009

Jean-Baptiste Mestelan wrote:
> Thanks Ralf for the hindsight.
> I gather that 64Studio has the advantages of a ready-to-use system,
> tuned and optimized for audio by knowledgeable specialists.

Right :).

> The disadvantage being ... that it cannot be optimized for every other usage.

It can be optimized, but this can become a PITA. 64 Studio is fine for 
other artworks but audio too and there's no trouble with mailing, office 
stuff etc., it's the distro I would recommend for most usages.

> 2009/9/30 Ralf Mardorf <ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net>:
>>     Sometimes latest versions of applications and libraries are
>>     better, but it's nearly impossible to install this versions, even
>>     if 64 Studio is based on a regular Debian or Ubuntu
> I wonder why this happens ?

The latest 64 Studio 3.0-beta3 is based on Ubuntu Hardy, but for Ubuntu 
Hardy is outdated, even if it's still up to date enough for usage. The 
latest official 64 Studio release 2.1 is based on Debian Etch, this 
really is outdated, e.g. because KDE3 isn't the latest KDE3, you can't 
add some applications without changing a lot of dependencies. You need 
to upgrade to Lenny, while the 64 Studio 2.1 repository should be used 
with Etch.

> Anyway, unless the new apps you intend to use need to be tightly
> integrated, I personally would not dare to tinker with a perfectly
> working system, and would consider running them in a virtual machine ?

Virtual machines or a chroot might be bad solutions for real-time audio, 
e.g. if something is jailed there might be no way to sync by JACK 
transport to applications outside the jail.

> (Hope this is not getting OT.)
> Cheers.

Ardour is one of the applications that are very well maintained by 64 
Studio ;).


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