[Ardour-Users] Ardour subversion change

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Wed Nov 25 05:25:58 PST 2009

Once again, ardour.org is moving to a private server, hopefully this
time without the chaos caused by Dreamhost's worst outage in 3-4

However, the subversion repository is staying on their shared servers,
accessed via subversion.ardour.org. This address has always worked,
and is used for public (read only) access to the repo. Those of us
with write access have been using svn+ssh://ardoursvn@ardour.org/ and
this will no longer work once the DNS propagation of ardour.org's new
IP address is complete.

In theory it should be possible to use svn switch --relocate to switch
your existinng write-access checkouts to the subversion.ardour.org
location. But alas, it doesn't seem to work (it doesn't fail, but it
doesn't do anything either). I am not sure why, but I don't want to
spend any more time trying to find out.

So, here are the steps to take to move your existing checkout(s);

1) try svn switch anyway:
    cd $CHECKOUT
    svn switch --relocate

2) see if it worked:
    cd $CHECKOUT
    svn info

3) if it still lists the repo as ardoursvn at ardour.org, put the
following into a temporary script file, lets call it "mvrepo" and make
that script executable:


chmod 644 "$1" && \
  sed 's/ardoursvn at ardour.org/ardoursvn at subversion.ardour.org/g' <
"$1" > "$1.XXX" && \
  mv "$1.XXX" "$1" && \
  chmod 444 "$1"


  then do this:
  find . -name entries -exec /where/you/put/mvrepo {} \;

4) run svn info again to confirm the change

Alternatively, you could dump you existing checkout and just checkout
again using the "correct" URL.

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