[Ardour-Users] hardware accelerated Nvidia Geforce FX

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Thu May 28 03:17:34 PDT 2009

david headon wrote:
> EnvyNG

Interesting :)

unfortunately I also have trouble, but less worth. Also unfortunately I 
can't compile a kernel module for the proprietary driver, because the 64 
Studio 3.0-beta3 repository doesn't make the kernel headers available 
(don't panik, for 2.1 there are kernel headers).

Is there an application to set the FLOSS ATI driver for Ubuntu? Ubuntu's 
xorg.conf differs to Suse's and Debian's and I only was able to coarse 
set the card by the GNOME and KDE4 desktop applications, so the vertical 
refresh rate is bad and for GDM settings differ to the settings for 

Are there 2 Davids = 1 David ;)?


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