[Ardour-Users] jack disconnection

fred f.rech at yahoo.fr
Sat May 2 05:52:01 PDT 2009

Hi list,

What I do in Ardour 2.7.1 (4296) :
Record 2 mono tracks from 2 sources when read 29.

The misc. option "keep rec enable w/stop" is active,
tracks are rec-ready and rec-enable is on.

Just have to press "space" to start the record, so I do.

Because like "all in one take solos" when don't play good press space.

Do "Ctrl+Z" to erase the bad takes on the 2 tracks.

Go 1 measure before recording with shorcut fixed before.

Press space to rec again on the same 2 tracks.

What happens :
Ardour says "Jack has either been shutdown or it disconnected
Ardour because Ardour was not fast enough. Try to restart Jack,
reconnect Ardour and save the session"

I do that, but the same message appears on and on... Only close
Ardour and Jack and restart them give a chance to record again.

Somebody have an idea ???  Something different than "Ctrl+Z" exist
that I don't find ?
(please, don't answer "learn to play in 1 take" !!!)

Thanks for helping,


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