[Ardour-Users] audio dropout when recording at exactly 5:00 minutes

Hector Centeno hcengar at gmail.com
Fri Mar 20 10:46:05 PDT 2009


Some time ago working with a fairly complex Ardour project I had this
same problem: exactly at 5:00 minutes into the session, any track
being recorded will have a short dropout. Last night I was working
with a simpler project that had only two tracks and one bus, one of
them with an insert to a VST plugin running externally in FST, and I
got exactly the same problem. I was simply bouncing the contents of
one track into the other passing the signal through the external VST
and through jconv. This is with OpenSuse Linux 11.0 and Ardour 2.7.1
from the Packman repository. The dropout doesn't happen when playing
back and I'm 100% sure is not in the original audio since if I move
the region inside the playback track I still get it at exactly 5:00
minutes. Has anyone experienced this before?



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