[Ardour-Users] very big latencies..

John Emmas johne53 at tiscali.co.uk
Mon Mar 16 00:32:28 PDT 2009

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From: "Sampsa Riikonen"
Subject: Re: [Ardour-Users] very big latencies..
> I installed v. 0.116.2 using subversion..
> Now it seems I am getting dependency-hell.. :(
> Now jack says when I start ardour:
> JACK protocol mismatch (22 vs 24)
> cannot complete client connection process
> I hope I can uninstall that new version I just installed..!
Assuming you're building Ardour from source, did you remember to rebuild
Ardour after you upgraded Jack?  Ardour links to libjack so if the
connection protocol has changed you'll need to rebuild Ardour (likewise,
anything else that you build from source that links to libjack).
Essentially, what's happened is that jack 0.116.2 is using a newer protocol
(24) but Ardour isn't aware of that and is still trying to connect using an
earlier protocol (22).  This is a pretty good indicator that you didn't
rebuild Ardour (I've made the same mistake myself a couple of times).

At a pinch I think you can get away with just rebuilding Ardour's
'libardour' branch and 'gtk2_ardour' branch but a full rebuild might be
easier and will definitely be safer.


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