[Ardour-Users] recording in half speed

Jari Suominen jari.suominen at helsinki.fi
Thu Jul 30 01:29:03 PDT 2009

I would like to record some parts in project in half speed. Meaning to 
slow down project in a way that all notes drop by one octave and tempo 
slows down significantly. Like guitar solo on 'hard day's night'. Then 
record some parts and return to normal speed to make some grazy sounds etc.

To me it seams that all I would need to do is to change the sample rate 
of the project to 22050 for a recording phase and then switch back to 
44100 during playback. I know that there are soundcards that are able to 
do this from hardware side, but mine isn't.

I tried to run Jack with sample rate 22050 which would seem quite 
obvious way of doing this. The message dialog shows that it is creating 
alsa driver with 22050 as one parameter. However when the server has 
started, the qjackctl shows still 44100 as sampling rate and everything 
works as such. Wonder if this is bug or feature?

Other playback speeds would be sweet too but I actually really only need 
the half speed down which should not require any crazy time streching 
etc. Only changing the sample rate during recording.

Any suggestions?



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