[Ardour-Users] Ardour 2.8.1 released

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Thu Jul 9 06:46:11 PDT 2009

Ardour 2.8. 1 is released. Although this is primarily a bug-fix
release, the bugs that it fixes are important enough that we hope all
users, especially those on OS X, will choose to upgrade. Crashes when
deleting AudioUnit plugins, and a very important potential data loss
issue with session cleanup are now fixed. 2.8.1 also has a builtin
"Chat" option to connect (via your web browser) to our IRC channel. To
download, visit the download page at


  * Built-in menu item to connect to #ardour on IRC via web browser
  * Insert Time action can now optionally move tempos & meter markers


  * sort playlist menus in a more agreeable way
  * sort ports correctly in many lists/menus
  * faster startup by using pre-rendered region names
  * implement panner reset functionality (missing since 0.99!)



  * fix crash when deleting AudioUnit plugins (Leopard/Cocoa GUI
  * fix crash when closing a session after displaying 1 or more plugin


  * fix serious error in Cleanup that could lead to data loss


  * fix AudioUnit input/output configuration cache handling for some
    plugins with "interesting" configurations.
  * switching into write automation mode doesn't reset gain levels
  * stop import dialog from resizing at various times
  * fix apparently-insensitive file selector in import dialog on OS X
  * fix details of file formats when exporting CD markers
  * fix marker bars, canvas and playhead getting out of sync with
  * fixes for some newer versions of gcc (4.4)
  * don't bother to search for JACK server software if JACK is already
  * catch JACK shutdown and handle more safely - should solve issues
      with trying to save after a JACK shutdown.
  * AudioUnit plugins can be turned off/bypassed and then turned back on
  * Session names that include '/' or '\' are caught and asked for again.
  * restore markers (including session start & end) and playhead
      correctly even if they had very large values (>12hrs)


  * Swedish (Petter Sundlof)
  * French (Martin Blanchard/Ralph Doursenaud)
  * Czech (Pavel Frich)
  * Italian (Emanuele Constantini)
  * Norwegian (Eivind Ødegård)

  Carl Hetherington, Nick Mainsbridge, Andreas Ruge, Ben Loftis

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