[Ardour-Users] Switching soundcards / Bus outputs

Sciss contact at sciss.de
Wed Jan 28 18:23:15 PST 2009


i think i discovered a bug: when you open a session with a different  
audio device, the busses are permanently changed!

e.g. i created a session using a fireface interface, i am using 8  
--> next day i open the session with fireface disconnected, using  
built-in audio
--> all my busses are reset to system:playback_1 and 2
--> so even if i go back to the studio and connect to the fireface  
again, i have to reconfigure all busses again for 8-channel output.

expected behaviour would be that when i run on a sound card with less  
outputs, the unavailable outputs are just muted and will not be  
permanently reconnected.

ciao, -sciss-

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